What we like is what we save!

So,the other day, I was just introspecting myself and I came upon the revelation that in order to survive, we all have become so much selfish. But then I realized, is it my perspective or can it be thought from some other point of view? Then I came upon this conclusion that man is inclined towards those elements which either lack in his possessions or which can benefit him in some or the other way. This led me to thinking of  a number of examples which I could ponder upon. There are countries that are friends with other countries who meet their demand and supply. There are organisations who are associated with so called social causes as they feel it would give them a lift towards Page 3 entries and a recognition as social workers. Then there are others who are married to someone they do not love just because they have money or they need a support to help stand or simply put, need trophy husbands or wives. Then there are some people who just wish to do things just because of incentives and vested reasons.

It is not because we are mean or something. It is just because nature has made us that way. One thing that made me believe firmly in this perspective was this image. It was because of this that I felt like pouring out what I feel.


This is for all those people who are not thankful for the bounties of nature.  We are the least concerned about how much harm we are doing to others just so we may be better than they are. Isn’t this image a metaphor for the kind of life we are living? So simply put, I felt this image was one of the best examples of how we humans have evolved. Earlier, we were concerned about our people, our neighbors and our colleagues. I still remember how my grandmother used to invite people over for get-together over small accomplishments. Now, forget about the next door family, a husband does not have time to know how went the day of his wife. Materialistic things have become of so utmost importance to us that we have forgotten that we are humans. We are supposed to uplift ourselves as well as those around us. Since when did we become so numb emotionally? Since when did it happen that the only pronoun that ever mattered was “I”? How are we any different from the savages in the early civilizations who only thought of their own survival? If I consider this, haven’t we become MODERN SAVAGES?



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