How Can Meditation, Prayer And Mantra Affect Your Lifestyle?

Holistic living is the way to a peaceful and calm life. Not only does it change the way you live, but it also brings you closer to God. The holistic measures are best achieved through meditation, prayer and chants. These offer a serene state of living and help one heal oneself.

 Read on to find more about the way to purer living:

Meditation and its benefits

 Meditation benefits you both physiologically and behaviourally. Your body relaxes and this eliminates the stress which is responsible for tension. This automatically reduces the symptoms of various medical disorders.

How can one define meditation?

Meditation is a very personal experience. So it is hard to give a proper definitive description. It can be best translated as attainment of a relaxed state of the conscious by drowning external stimuli. By this, one diverts the mind from focussing on stressful issues and moving towards enlightenment. Researchers have found that meditation slows down the automatic nervous system. This controls the involuntary actions of the body. This results from the production of endorphins which are responsible for reduction in stress levels. This leads to a peaceful state.

Effects of meditating regularly

The immediate aftermath of meditation is that it considerably slows down the rate of heart beat. As you concentrate on your body, you take in large breaths through your nostrils. By doing this, the deepest of your cells receive ample amount of oxygen which does not normally occur during breathing.

Recent studies have found that the meditation is one of the best exercises which pave way to a healthy heart. Moreover, transcendental meditation is more effective for heart problems. When the heart rate is lowered, the blood flow increases to all body parts due to a more steady pumping state of blood. A steadier blood flow also promotes mental clarity. Problems such as high blood pressure or hypertension are greatly reduced by meditation.

Meditation on a regular basis equips you with mental abilities which help you recover speedily from stressful events in the day-to-day life. This is possible because of the calmness acquired by you due to meditation. You have control over your actions and you react to situations accordingly.

Additionally, guided meditation enhances sensory, cognitive and perceptual skills. You develop creativity to finding solutions to problems. You think clearly in a logical manner and have improved concentration. This, in turn, improves your memory. Medical studies have shown that people who meditate on a regular basis are less likely to develop Alzheimer’s.

The improved perceptual skills help you in developing a greater understanding of the environments around you. You develop reasoning and understand the behaviour of others.


Meditation also helps in the proper secretion and working of the following chemicals:

  • Melatonin

This hormone is responsible for ensuring a night of peaceful sleep. It is an effective antioxidant also. Stress reduces the melatonin levels. Regular meditation helps in regulating melatonin levels.

  • GABA

GABA stands for gamma amino butyric acid. Basically, GABA is an inhibitory neurotransmitter. It is instrumental in stabilising mood swings in individuals. Inappropriate levels of GABA can cause anxiety, epilepsy and insomnia. Regular meditation helps in maintaining smooth levels of GABA in body.

  • The human growth hormone (HGH)

HGH is a natural body product and is responsible for various tissue and organ growth throughout your life. HGH production decreases as the individual progresses towards old age. Due to this the bone density starts decreasing and the muscle mass also starts reducing. This causes increased body fat, mood swings and lowering of the immunity of the cardiovascular system. Performing regular meditation exercises help in regulating HGH growth.

The correct way to meditate

 Meditation can be fully performed only in a quiet and enclosed area. Here the person sits down. The windows should be open and the ambience of the room should be welcoming, positive and airy. Once you are comfortable, close your eyes and start focusing on taking in deep breaths. This will calm down the body and allows the person to drown out from external stimuli such as touch, smell, sound and sight. This activates the subconscious activity of the brain. The individual slowly regains the ground after performing some additional rituals.

The physical and mental implications of meditation

As the body slows down considerably during meditation, the people who are regular practitioners have greater benefits. There will be lower consumption of oxygen; the skin will be rejuvenated due to increased blood flow, reduced muscle ailments, reduction in anxiety and higher levels of energy. The immune system builds up and thereby sets up cognitive body cycle. Meditation has strong mental implications as well. It increases the confidence, heightens creativity and reduces the racing thoughts. It also helps achieve the feelings of inner happiness or joy and gives satisfaction and helps develop intuition.


Open the doors to your holistic and spiritual embodiment: the aftermath of prayers

 Simply put, prayer is the way to communicate with the Omnipresent. However, every action and though that goes into that action is a prayer regardless of who it is addressed to. Prayers not only help in soothing up, they actually have positive vibrations which can have healing power.


The majestic healing property of prayers

 Healing is a mystical phenomenon. Some people believe that healing is a qualified representation of the skills of god. A number of people today have healing power and practice it to combine with prayers and extend its benefits. On a more scientific note, the human body has a surrounding energy field around it which facilitates the energy movement in and out of the body. Healing transfers positive energy from one individual to other activating the natural healing mechanism of the recipient’s body. This energy transfer can be done by laying of hands, reiki or remotely just by praying. A recent medical research suggests that prayer has immense physiological benefits. It is capable of changing our chemical makeup allowing the body to react to positive, substantial healing.

How to make prayers work?

A lot of people are sceptical about praying. They feel prayers do not work. This is because often the prayers are directed towards specific interests. The more one lets go of the desire for outcome, the more effective the prayers become. One might be interested in the fruits and recognition but truly the selfless desires are always fulfilled. An open mind, trust and faith assure that the prayer will be answered. When a person is not attached to an outcome or does not dictate god to follow his course of actions, you can be sure that your prayers will be answered.

 The mystic powers of mantras

 Our whole universe is made of sound or vibrations. This explains why sounds are not merely artistic expressions but also bear with them the power of creation. Sanskrit mantras are phrases bearing powerful energy and intentions. They are capable of generating sound waves. They alter the vibrations thereby promoting healing, creativity, insight and spiritual growth. Using mantras to intonate in your prayers or meditation is very effective. The sound produced by mantras can lift the individual towards a higher self. These sound elements are permanent entities and are of everlasting significance.


 Different sounds produced have different implications on the human psyche. The sacred uttering of chants laden the believer with power to attain the goals and move towards higher level of consciousness. The Sanskrit mantras are well off in their meanings and condition the mind to take up higher states of enlightenment. They form the path of salvation and eternal bliss.

The benefits of mantras

  • The intonation of mantras creates thought energy waves

When chanted sincerely, the mantras create a state where the organism vibrates with a rate completely in tune with the energy of the spiritual state. This is represented and contained within the mantras.

  • The mantras have energy as high as the fire particles

The mantras have energy similar to fire and are capable of bringing positive and beneficial results. Most of the mantras have meanings associated with them and are to be recited, learnt and practiced only under the supervision of an expert.

  • The mantras provide soothing of mind

On a deeper level, the mantras excavate the subconscious. The subconscious mind is a collective form of all crystallised thoughts. The mantras touch them and transform the mind nerves into repositories of peace.

A number of civilizations especially Hinduism have been practicing mantras for thousands of years. These have immense healing powers and when combined with meditation and prayers, they can work miracles.


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