And we can’t help it, ‘cuz we are gals!!

Okay, before starting, this is a disclaimer. The opinions expressed here are just my take on the matter. My peers can feel free to compliment or criticize as they feel like.

So, this is really a light post. I was just surfing Facebook and some of the websites which host funny pictures. I realized, of late, we women have become the target sources for all sarcasm. It seems we are acquiring the top spot at the hit list of men. I was amazed to see so many posts which described us women as “very complicated”, “hard to understand”, “our logic is out of this world” and blah, blah, blah! But, you know what men, we are not that difficult to understand. I do not know why it happens but we are simple creatures who just yearn for love. Speaking for myself, I am a girl who just wants someone to spoil me and pampers me like anything. This goes on to saying that all my girlfriends feel the same for their dream men. So, it just perplexed me when I saw this:


I would not clear air for anything. I just know that  I am proud of being a girl and I know the male world is not complete without others of my kind!

But still, on behalf of my gals, there are some things that I would like to set straight.


1. Okay, yes, I accept. We do talk a LOT!! But that does not mean that we disturb you guys. We are perfectly capable of keeping our mouth shut if you are doing important chores. But, do remember this, we talk a lot only those of your species whom we consider very special and close to our heart. Only the people closest to us get to see the real side of us, am I right gals? Also, is not as if you men are innocent. You people gossip more than us. You guys love to talk but just because you are men, you feel what you talk about must make sense and what we talk about is absolute rubbish! But, this is not so. We get in the bad light because we have a high pitch and talk excitedly. However, when I see my male friends talking, it is no different to me!


2. Yes, we are very critical when it comes to dressing. We tend to be having a low self-esteem when it comes to dresses. We may be having a lot of dresses in our wardrobe but just try asking us to chose a dress at once! I dare you! Even those of us who are the least interested in being the girly types face this problem at least once everyday! The reason? I guess it is probably because we want to look our best when it comes to going out. Every girl loves attention. This is the reason why we become jealous easily and also become obsessed easily. But you know, this trait has a cure. You, guys, have to make us believe that we are the most beautiful woman around them. Believe me, it is THAT simple!


3. Yess!!! Men with a deep voice make us swoon! There is something which makes us go crazy. Even if you are wrong, you try convincing us in a deep, manly voice and we are all yours! There is something gooey and soft about a voice which is deep. It seems as if hot choclate is dripping and just asking us to savor it! We also love your voice when you are sleepy, It sounds super sexy! However, this is not the only criteria we judge our men by. This is admirable but not compulsory.


4. I do not know how much of this is true, but as someone who is going through the breakup phase right now, I guess it is right to some extent. I cried a lot when he broke up with me. I did. I missed him like anything. Even now, I feel like just being alone with his memories. I do not know the last picture is correct or not but yes, the two above are right. But, like I said before, this is how I feel like. It is not a general presumption.


5. Okay, now this is wrong. You men take as much time as us. As a girl myself, I do not make my father or my brother to stand and wait for long hours. My simple advice is, if you are asked to tag along, either play or just refuse respectfully. We only like to go out with those people whom we think that they will help us in choosing the right things. We can have as much fun with our girlfriends! If we can put up with your temper and your male egos, surely you can put up with our love to make your homes beautiful!

There is more, but it will be continued in the next part of the same post! Stay tuned for more on the feminine side!!!


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