Caught Between

I wrote this a while back. It was a reminder that I have a long road to go and there is no one by my side to walk. A lesson learnt the hard way that I have to accomplish things myself and just pursue with what is right, no matter how much it hurts!!!!

It hurts deep inside;

When no one’s by your side,

Everybody just passes by;

When all you wanna do is hold someone and cry.

Everyday brings new hopes and expectaions;

But succeeding night shatters these notions,

When I look at world and throw up that smile;

All I think of is my pain in exile.

But come what may and come what go;

I won’t offer myself for show,

Life is one and time is less;

I have a lot to possess,

The trifles my scare;

The dangers may dare;

But I wouldn’t fade away my flare

It is indeed for the world to see

To accomplish and let ME be ME…..!!!!!


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