Is it true?



As much as I feel that the above is just some pep talk, it is in fact, true to the last word. I have been hurt, I have been sad and yes, I do have memories which haunt me to this date. However, with every experience of my life, I have learnt something. I have learnt how to stand up again. I have learnt how to fight till I achieve what I want. I have learnt never to give up. There are things which do not help me sleep, but yes, there are memories which put me to sleep. I cannot relate myself to anyone sometimes, while on different days, I am the most happy-go-lucky-type girl present in the group. Yes, I have changed and now only reciprocate to a few. But, I guess this is because I am now searching for a little more from my life. I have understood that  I have been sent over here with a purpose. That purpose is not to whine about what I could not do. It is more about “I tried and failed” or “I tried and succeeded” for me now.

A few years back, I used to worry about the things I did not have. But now when I look at people who are shallow and pretentious, I feel a deep sense of relief. At least, I am not one of them. At least, I still care genuinely. So, I guess, in the end it only boils down to one fact, which is, I am myself enough comparison for me. No one else can take my place. This goes without saying that it has helped me move on a lot of times and gives me immense support whenever I feel down…


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