Freedom at last!

“Hey, hey”, he bellowed. Like everyday. At the same time. She opened her window slowly and the staple food dropped onto her lap. A packaged bottle of water for the whole day and a full bowl of lentil soup. Upto the brim. She hid the bottle behind her makeshift bathroom inside the cell and drank hungrily out of the bowl.

As she gulped down the last drop off the bowl, sunlight from about one story high reflected onto her face. The only window to the outside world. The only window of hope in this endless room of hopelessness. A world that seemed so very alien from her now. A world that she fairly seemed to remember much about. It had been eleven years now.


She looked behind her. Behind her bathroom were about four thousand bottles of water. Bottles she had been hoarding. Bottles she felt were her only way out of here.

The guards waited outside all day long. They waited for her to break down. They waited for her to give away his name. But she was only protecting his country. A country she was married into. A country that she had come to love. Eventually.

He had promised her that he would be waiting on the other side for her. Meanwhile, she held onto their memories tightly as that day was coming near. The day she would escape out into the open.

Today. She sat in the corner mastering the courage. Going over her plan time and again. It just seemed too easy, to simple.

She looked up at the window. Sunlight streaked directly onto her face now. It was noon. It was time.

She opened one bottle after another. Pouring out into the room. She had done the math so many times. Almost four thousand bottles of water would fill up the entire room. Enough for her to swim away through the window. Into the outside free world.

Behold, she was free!


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