Connected but not close

Of late, I have realized that people have got a lot of technical advancement today but they have forgotten how to communicate. You can observe it yourself the next time you and your friend are having a conversation. If none of you are looking at your phones or laptops or towards any other object, you will definitely find yourself  or your friend looking over your shoulders to someone else. I don’t know how come we do not talk by making an eye contact today.

I remember, when I was younger, we had this game called as “Who blinks first?” Two opponents would sit in front of each other and would continuously stare in each other’s eyes. The one to blink first would be the loser. I have played this game a lot. Come to think of it, students should be taught to look into the eye of another person. It should be inculcated as a soft skill. I don’t know why but we are scared of making eye contacts. We have deep seated trust issues and we consider everybody to be judgmental.

Nonetheless, I was saying that technology has supposedly brought us closer but it has reduced the sensitivity. We are connected but we are not close. Whenever I talk to a friend after a while, I always find that I crave for more talks like this. Then I decide that I will keep in touch constantly. But, ultimately, the cycle is repeated when we talk again. Isn’t that one of the downsides to living today in such a fast paced world?

Isn’t it so? Just wondering….


6 thoughts on “Connected but not close

  1. They are. We talking about “people being judgemental” is also kind of being judgemental only. However, some judge to think while some judge to reply. There is a difference. 🙂


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