“When was the last time you did something for the first time?”

“I am not the kind of person to wait for things to happen. I make things happen.”


I was going across some of my older image collections and I stumbled across this.

inspiring (2)And I immediately switched into the thinking mode. I have a weird habit of saving inspiring, motivational and other stuff like this. My room is full of such print-outs. You see, I am not your regular person who stays motivated and is self-driven. I always need a pushing factor and in my case, such pictures work just fine. I have them on my laptop, in small print-outs, stuck to the walls of my studio apartment, on my mobile. I have even liked thought provoking pages on facebook. I no more subscribe to a mindless frenzy of useless pages. And yeah, my journal is full quotes like these. I even subscribe to blogs which have a good vibe to them.

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In today’s world, we all are successful. We all are rich and are able to fulfill our desires. Though it takes some time for all of us, we still are ambitious and hopeful for the future. Moreover, we tend to have only those people around us who we think are like minded as us. Meaning, we only like to be around those people who feel like they might be helpful to us in some ways. Continue reading “Leisure”