Respect yourself!

Love & respect go hand in hand, and the most important relationship that should reflect on, is the one we have with ourselves.

We know ourselves best, and we need to love ourselves most. Love for self is what’s going to ensure we don’t drain our energy, spirit, and ability to love on things and people that do not deserve it. Continue reading “Respect yourself!”


Is it all the same?

So, I was listening to All the Same by Sick Puppies, and all of a sudden I just felt so empty. ¬†As far back as I can see myself, the only thing I can ever remember is that I was once very close to somebody who is now just a stranger to me. Sometimes at night, when I am all alone, I am really flooded with all the memories from the past. How much fun we used to have, how many stupid pranks we shared and how many emotions we touched. Continue reading “Is it all the same?”