That’s me..!!

I am always on the lookout for something new to do. My lust is knowledge and my drug is knowing things which are weird.

New, exotic places to go? I am in.

Up for weird challenges? Oh yeah!

Taking up new hobbies? I’m all game.

Reading? My life.

Music? Defines me.

Spiritual awakening? Food for my soul.

Meeting new people and listening to what interesting people say? My idea of growing.

An engineer by profession but a  writer by choice, I am constantly awed by the beauty of life around me. I am very young, very naive, but yes, I am open to a lot of ideas and am very much interested in being one with my spiritual self. I am devout believer in a higher power and Karma. I love to spend time with my family and in the symphony of nature, elderly and kids. You can read how I feel and understand how I think here at my blog. This not some new age hippy-dippy motivational series. It is simply my take on life..! Come, be a part of this movie.





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